Phoenix Point Choices & Consequences Guide

Your actions and choices have serious implications on your relationships with other factions. This Phoenix Point Choices & Consequences Guide lists all of the different choices we’ve encountered in random events during our time in Phoenix Point, breaking down the outcomes for each decision you make.
Much of Phoenix Point is dynamically generated at the beginning of each play through. This means the events, missions, enemies, and objectives you encounter will be completely different for someone else. The same can be said for the many choices & consequences you will encounter. They are random in when and where, but the choices and the consequences remain much the same.
This is a work in progress guide. There’s a lot of choices, and the random element makes it very difficult to get them all covered straight away. If you answer any differently to us, please leave a comment below and we’ll update the guide.
Phoenix Point Choices & Consequences Guide

Thursday January 01, 1970

The first icon at the top is pointing to the title of the event, that’s how they are organized below. Find the title that corresponds to your current event and expand it for details on the different choices and consequences of that event.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Synedrion Supporter Argues
Side with the Priestess
Side with the Synedrion Supporter
Stay Out Of It
Nothing happens

Thursday January 01, 1970

Careful Now (Kalhu)
Offer a donation to help improve relations
Let them be
Haven Leaders: -6
Disciples of Anu: -2
New Jericho: +3

Ex Aqua
Help for fee
Help for a price
Appeal to the New Jericho Leadership
Do not help
Haven Food Production: -500

Offer assistance
Wish them well
Haven Leader: +5
Haven Factor: 250 Damage
Sabotage the fortifications

Trade materials for food
Trade materials for tech
Donate materials
Reject deal
Haven Leader: -6

Rite Of Giving
Decline the gift
Haven Leader: -5

Rite of Trust
Openly reject the ritual
New Jericho: +4
Disciples of Anu: -3
Haven Leader: -7
Politely decline
Haven Leader: -4

Feed The Hungry
Investigate the problem
Haven Leader: +15
Faction Owner – Disciples of Anu: +3
Refuse the request
Haven Leader: -6
Disciples of Anu: -2
Haven Food Production: 250 Damage

Whats Ahead
Agree to the exchange

Brain Power
It’s a worrying possibility
New Jericho is a society of laws and principles. There will be no abuse
New Jericho > Synedrion: -5
Synedrion > New Jericho: -10
Synedrion: -5
New Jericho: +3
This is just a weak attempt to fix a deeper problem with human biology
No comment
New Jericho > Synedrion: -5
Synedrion > New Jericho: -10

At Peace
Accompany them
Let them go

The Second Initiation
We’ll think about it
We will cast out the heathens
New site added to Geoscape
Disciples of Anu diplomacy mission

Contribute resources to help the refugees
Offer thoughts and prayers
Haven population down
Offer resources in exchange for guarantees that the refugees will be granted religious freedom
Ask Synedrion for assistance

Broken Dreams
Offer our condolences
Castigate them for not taking the enemy seriously enough
Fund a memorial to the deceased
Haven Leader: +6
Synedrion: +3

Recruit him
You get a new soldier. They are very well equipped, worth getting.
Tell him his Haven needs him
Reject him as a filthy mutant

Long Pig
Investigate it
Burn it
New Jericho: +4
Let it be. It’s probably an error

The Old Ways
A military victory is possible. Tobias West has a plan
New Jericho is the last spasm of a dying order
Humanity needs all the tech it can get
Disciple of Anu > New Jericho: -4
Synedrion > New Jericho: -4
Disciple of Anu: +1

Lake Placid
Help Dr. Grigorovich analyze the lake
Synedrion: +3
Research: +100
Cover the damn thing in concrete
Inform the Disciples of this potential holy site
This is Synedrion business

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